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  • Howe has showed me there is more in the world than what I realized. The teachers and staff welcomed me like I’ve went to Howe all 4 years of my high school years. There hasn’t been a moment where I haven’t felt welcomed. The teachers and staff at Howe have taught me that you can accomplish anything that you believe in, and I love each and every one of them for that.

    Corrionna, — Class of 2019
  • Since the moment I stepped into Howe, Howe has showed me that even when your in the worst of a situation people who truly care about you will help you get through it, and work with you. Never once have I felt out of place. They’ve always welcomed me with open arms and never judged me for the things that I have done and I appreciate them for that.

    Paris, — Class of 2019
  • I’ve been at Howe since the 7th grade. The teachers and instructors have helped me become the person I am. Without them I doubt I’d would be going to college for Nursing or being in the leadership positions that I currently am.

    Cierra, — Class of 2019
  • Howe has helped me focus more in class. The environment is not a bad one. When I first came to Howe I felt welcomed. Everyone made me feel like I belong here. This school has helped me with my basketball skills and to better myself on and off the court with the help of my coaches and teachers.

    Brandon, Class of 2018,
  • Over the past 6 years of going to Howe there is one thing has always stuck out to me; the teachers. The teachers here at Howe strive to make a real connection with their students. Without the teachers that I’ve had I doubt I would be in the position I am. That’s something I will always be grateful for.

    Tyler, Class of 2018,
  • I have been attending Howe since 7th grade, with the exception of my freshman year. There is something about Howe that you won’t find any where else. Howe has a tightly knit community where everyone has a place #HH4L

    Dayla, Class of 2018,
  • I have moved from school to school.  I came from Lawrence Central to T.C. Howe. I didn’t like it at first, but it changed me for the good. I joined JROTC and it was the biggest life changer and the teachers are the most caring. I might not have liked Howe before, but I am a HORNET FOR LIFE, and I am staying my junior and senior year.

    Jacob, Class of 2019,
  • This school has helped me focus and stay on task more than any other school.  They are always ahead and drama never lasts long it’s always addressed and dropped. I ‘ve also stayed on top of my grades and its because of the motivation I am receiving from Howe!

    Jessie, Class of 2022,
  • I am pretty new to this school, but since I have been here I have been receiving plenty of help, and attention.  They help me feel welcomed, and as if I belong here.  I enjoy coming to this school, we learn a lot and have fun!

    La'Tiyah, Class of 2021,

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