Prepare for the Future. Set high goals.

At Thomas Carr Howe Community High School, a new standard has been set. A renewed hope for the future is in the eyes of every students and teacher. We expect more from ourselves and our teachers. That is what will help us success. That's what will make us great. Are you ready to succeed? Now is the time to take the future into your own hands!

TC Howe Age Policy*

Students age 5 through 20, who have not already earned a high school diploma, satisfied graduation requirements for a diploma, or completed high school educational requirements in a foreign country are eligible to attend a CSUSA campus if the student resides in the designated district on a full time basis with their custodial parent or court appointed legal guardian. Eligible students, age 18 or older, who are living on their own, may be eligible to enroll in school. Those students shall contact the school administration or registrar for further assistance.



  • Howe has helped me focus more in class. The environment is not a bad one. When I first came to Howe I felt welcomed. Everyone made me feel like I belong here. This school has helped me with my basketball skills and to better myself on and off the court with the help of my coaches and teachers.

    Brandon, Class of 2018,
  • Over the past 6 years of going to Howe there is one thing has always stuck out to me; the teachers. The teachers here at Howe strive to make a real connection with their students. Without the teachers that I’ve had I doubt I would be in the position I am. That’s something I will always be grateful for.

    Tyler, Class of 2018,

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